Hey! Say! JUMP member, Yabu Kota (21) has announced that he passed the entrance exam for the Department of Human Informatics and Cognitive Sciences (an e-learning course in the School of Human Sciences) at Waseda University.

Though Yabu gave up seeking after a higher education because of how Hey! Say! JUMP’s debut’s came about after he graduated high school in 2008, he revealed, “From the beginning, I’ve never hated studying, and I always had a feeling of wanting to go to college these past 4 years. I will try my best to cope with both work and study.”
He will enter Waseda University in this April.
His seniors, NEWSTegoshi Yuya (24) (currently temporary absence from school) and KAT-TUN’s Nakamaru Yuichi (28) also belong in the same department at Waseda University.

Credit: Tokyohive

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