Selasa, 03 Januari 2012

Ryu not Come Back This Year

Hey! Say! JUMP February 2, performed in concert at Yokohama in Yokohama and New Year for four consecutive years.
Mr. Johnny Kitagawa Jhonny, president of Office (80) On this day, smoking is a weekly magazine published a photo released June 30, A minor member of JUMP's entertainment activities suspended indefinitely (16) refers. "A
study is looking to fine and want to study. It's not all entertainment activities, the intention was to study the personal care is a good thing. But to go to school to support (such as activities resume about) I can not say that trend. " Entertainment activities in return for the year "is not" and showed a contemplative stance.
Credit: Nikan Sport

Aaaargh... disatu sisi saya senang dia memikirkan masa depannya, di sisi lain saya sedih dia tak kembali. JUMP is TEN and will be TEN forever

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