Jumat, 17 Februari 2012

3-D Graduation

omedetou for RYO, YUTO, CHII, MIKKI, and MIRAI >.<

Yamada from Hey!Say!JUMP was on tears at graduation ceremony, he admitted his mischievous act in school too

The popular idol group, Yamada Ryosuke, Chinen Yuuri, and Nakajima Yuuto has graduated from Horikoshi school today, February 17.
After the graduation ceremony, these 3 person held the press conference. With teary eyes, Yamada just answered [Just eye drops] with his shy smile when reporter asked [Do you cry?]. Yamada admit about his mischievous act in school too like [I was often get scolded by my teacher. When I make noise with my friend who sit in front of me, my teacher caught us, and she/he punish us to sit in school corridor. It was really painful to sit there on winter].
Contrast with Yamada, Chinen who has image as honor student said [This is just once time, but I ever got ranking 4 of whole school students, I feel so happy], when Yamada heard it, he said [I feel unpleasant that the gap between me and him is too far] with bitter smile. 
Then, Nakajima recalled their memory as trio that have close relationship in school, he said [I and Chinen was often eating Ontama Curry in school canteen together, that was fun. Very delicious] with a bit tears on his eyes and smiling. 

Credit: kenken18

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