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Keito Enter in Sophia University

Hey!Say!Jump! member,keito okamoto,18,was found out that he passed his admission at Sophia University by seating a TOEFL (Test of English as foreign language) and English essay.He passed both tests.Actually this had been announced at the end of January.His father,Kenichi Okamoto knew the good news along with his dog (lol) and his personal assistant (age 42).It was announced on the official site too.

his father support his son and his happy for the news because this would be a convenient for his son to work at Okurimukae.studying at Sophia University is his first choice.All subjects he took will be studied in English.keito okamoto had been studying at UK alone and for 5 years since 4th grade.

he said “english is good…(shit i unable to translate for you.but lemme tell you what I understand to what he’s saying ok) I think he was trying to say that mostly undergraduate students in Japan took english as a first language.”I want to study english further and I’m also interested in international marketing”

Sophia is one of the college that’s hard to get in same as Waseda,Keio and matter how busy he were in entertainment,he studied hard as possible.Also in dressing room,he will read his reference book during the preparation time and also during rest time.During the test,he will postponed in any appearance.So the staffs and the members of HSJ understand.He is referred as “I love to go to college” person. ( cute)

Meanwhile,other Johnny’s who’s studying right now is Sho Sakurai (30) at Keio,HSJ member,Inoo Kei (21) at Meiji and even Yabu Kota (22) at Waseda which will starts in April.

keito okamoto,was born during on 1st April 1993 (heisei-5) at Tokyo.He had been in Johnny’s for 6 years.He was debuted in HSJ group during the released of ‘Ultra Music Power” on 07 Nov.and was debuted as an actor in Final Group B Kinpachi Sensei.He also appeared in Hyakushiki in Fuji TV.His father,Kenichi Okamoto is a former member of a Johnny’s group.he’s 175cm tall and blood type O.

He enroll Sophia University in faculty of liberal arts.a lot of entertainment people passed this.the graduates are Hikaru Nishida,Masaru Hayami,whatsoeverkabira,BENI, and Crystal Kay.More than Half of foreign students were studying it and 30% were local students,according to the official website.

Creds: @HSJLounge

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