On February 29th, actress Kawashima Umika announced through her agency that she would be attending Meiji University starting this spring. It was also revealed that she will simultaneously release her new photo book and DVD on March 28th.
Kawashima showed her excitement about entering university with, “School in my own clothes. I want to dress up, and I also want to challenge myself to make-up! Also, I want to make more friends!
The actress also reflected upon her high school days saying, “To manage both studies and work. It was most difficult right before tests. I hate losing, so I studied frantically! I tried to remember everything and challenged myself to the tests. I was peacefully able to graduate from high school!
Regarding the entrance exams, Kawashima commented, “I was able to manage both the studying for university entrance exams and working thanks to my teachers and manager. Also, I used the spare time I had during work. I was able to overcome it by planning within my limits. Also, I went to cram school!

The photo book and DVD will be titled “umikaze” respectively, and will feature a wide variety of photos including Kawashima in swimsuits and a two-shot with an elephant. The photo shoot took place in Thailand.
Finally, Kawashima promoted her new releases saying, “Since I was nearing my high school graduation, it includes pictures of me with mature expressions and outfits. I was nervous because it’s been awhile since I had a shoot in a swimsuit. I think it turned out to be something that conveys a grown-up Kawashima. My favorite photo is the one of me rolling around in bed with no make-up on.

Credit: Tokyohive

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