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Interview with Kanata Hongo

This week's guest interview 
anime "BTOOOM! んis Kanata Hongo served as voice actor starred in ".

Currently, comic "BTOOOM in popularity in the popular series (published by Shinchosha) Monthly Comic @ Bunch! (Work-Junya Inoue) is animated! " Mr. Hongo Kanata that is the voice of the first challenge, a Ryuta Sakamoto plays the hero. Stage of this story online game "BTOOOM being played all over the world! Solitary island far off in the ocean of the world "has been waged in the round. While on the island suddenly wake up one day, caught up in the battle, the hero of neat Ryuta Sakamoto, the story of the figure will continue to grow as a person while fighting under harsh conditions in the world ranked players of this game. Mr. Hongo like the game itself, it was longing but also a voice actor, this time, in the television interview Dogatchi hit."BTOOOM dubbing and recording for the first time in the episode! Including the appeal of ", I tried to hit a question that approaches the true face.

Q: Do you like the 'BTOOM' game?
KH: The MMORPG, I'm doing it alot, I do it well as a hunter
Massively multiplayer online RPG large-scale Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game = Masshiburi multiplayer online role-playing games

Q: What in the game that attracts you the most?
KH: Play with the players from all over the world, those are in distant. It is the common place, because of the technology is tremendous. When it debut, I want to play it with my friends.

Q: Recently, what are the thing you get addicted?
KH: Recently... Fishing, I like fishing. I get touch with the fish, I'm doing it with my friends and it so fun.

Q: In 'BTOOM' survival, surviving you weaknesses like insect.
KH: I am not good insect (laughs). It does not have physical strength, it is not self-confidence to survive, too. But I think rather than fight first, a solution to think of a way to escape somehow.

Q: What will you bring for you to survive?
KH: I think it can not be helped no matter what you take it that situation, such ... What. I wonder if I do not need anything. When you come right down to it, I prefer marshmallows or snack.

Q: How you do the expression since it is important in your job
I'm doing as my way, since I enter this work, it a different from before so it becoming hard. But I still do what actors do, not just read the script since there's atmosphere of the scene. Not only play the own role, but to cherish the feeling of natural speaking.

Q: What is you goal in your future?
KH: Since I really want to become voice actor, and it come true, I'm very happy. If there's an opportunity, I will like to participate another.

Another Question for the interview
Q: When you and Dr. Inoue meet?
KH: I haven't meet him in advance (before the comic published), I've just met him in the magazine interview. At first I have no idea about him, I didn't expect that he'll be so kind.

Some of the Question in the Interview: 
How are you doing in this type of drama? 
KH answer: Since it is 1 time a week, I haven't seen it all yet and drama filming time flow is different.

Source: dogatch *translate by google translate

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