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Kanata Interview

Kanata Hongo to star in movies and dramas topic has been representing the presence of its own. 
This fall, "BTOOOM was popular animated comic! First challenge to the voice actor that I wanted to do someday with "! I heard on the air before the state of mind.

"BTOOOM start from October! ". It is felt look ahead to talk 2 pair, so I do not think for the first time, that are there voice actor Kanata Hongo. How would they feel themselves Hongo.

(At the time of interview.) If you do not see actually what was finished yet ...... have put the voice. Because it is not in the picture of the final stage, saw what the finished surely points to think he is out with a different color " I think coming. in the field have never done so far, such as the switching of emotion because it does not soak into the body still does not know the hand, there is also place state groping. however, that I because only the voice of consciousness special without, I can act out plays as usual "

the same as the 22-year-old protagonist, Hongo. Sometimes it is the role of life-size, it was easy to go into that world.
"Not necessarily as the original are you doing to read as always. Course, it must be original,. We had been caught as a single information upon play, such as world view" BTOOOM! "Is along the story of the original step that animation plays while I think there are many parts, the image of the original and I want to continue to cherish. comics is close than become a live-action, I also think so that there is no discomfort to those who are looking . I Ryuta Sakamoto was easy to understand that I do is play the same generation as 22 years old, I like the game itself, it may be devoted "

devoted to online gaming, the battle begins in bomb one day, the world of the game becomes a reality. How would they feel the charm of the story.

As I said earlier ", but I love the game too. On the job, because there is a holiday that was settled, some games did until it may become hikikomori half devoted to that time. To Ranker world about why. (laughs), the hero who lived I know somehow also the boundary between reality and the virtual world and the feeling that I'm into the game come to dimly. coasting will not do not fight in an island, I survived comes out a lot like you were being attracted to grow we act among themselves to meet a variety of people to go. too intense character, It is also interesting that bargaining with people "

where I am wondering if this would be that there is someone to play, becoming indistinguishable from reality into the role.
"I think an actor is that there are various types, I include the rehearsal and production" role even take a day off only until the voice is cut! "" From the "Start, because it enters into its role Some people have never will not come out. while shooting that their role does not come out much. because it is this work since I was a child, I am, in a way of making the role of penetrate to there I think that there is no body and I'm Shimitsui "

 long career as an actor, voice actor first try this time. I feel that it is difficult?
Since there is no switching. Scenes puzzled to directions with emotion without being or was "location, same as Dattari studio, so we'll continue to episode one, I can not switch the emotions well I have even thought., and I wonder if it will gradually imbued with the body surely was also redone several times "
─ ─ even if it says 22-year-old life-size, Sakamoto neat. Enjoyed the college life, there are many aspects that differ from the Hongo smooth work well.
I have attended a want to go to college "Sure, right? Thing to own will also work. I was good to go now, is likely to be graduated take the units safely in fourth grade. To college , the balance or the baseball and tennis is that you can make friends that will see me plain that without taking the job. together, playing noisy drinking sake, because there is a normal life, I gunbarrel work well I'm afraid I have to take. had graduated, how this balance is what makes, but it is a little anxiety "
Amid Plenty also private, the challenge to the work of voice actors that wanted to do, I'm looking forward to more and more activities in the future.
Voice actor "is because it wanted to do, I will also study surrounded by his voice actor let me get down every day.'s Professional, also. Also a new discovery, the anime I've seen myself so far I was glad I was also able to meet and voice actor. voice actor for the first time in I do not know what or who moves us anime fans, enjoy myself from now on the air. Maybe, I look forward to the most may have. means, please check "
 as an actor, I finally heard that you want to challenge in the future.
"You let me do a lot, clothes students graduated by now, how you want to debut working people. However, because it is limited period uniforms look good, there is also a feeling that kana want to enjoy a little more"

Source: Stardust translate by google translate

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