Sabtu, 03 Desember 2011

Kanata Hongo's New Drama

It has been announced that Chiba Yudai (22) and Hongo Kanata (21) (both from Miyage Prefecture) will co-star together in a drama set to air in January.
The drama called “Shirato Osamu no Jikenbou” will air Friday nights at 0:20. (Originally alloted to Ouran High School, Kaitou Royale)
Shirato Osamu, played by Chiba Yudai is a freeter is involved in some incidents after reuniting with his childhood friend played by Hongo Kanata.
Chiba heard about the casting when he went home recently. Everyone told him “hang in there” and said they were there to support him. Even if it’s not much, he hopes this will bring smiles to the faces of people back home and he will try his best. Hongo commented that he and Chiba had lots of similarities, so he thinks if they can open up to each other, they will be able to act naturally together.

Credit: tumblr

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