On September 24th, it was revealed that Johnny’s Entertainment president Johnny Kitagawa (79) accepted an interview regarding his two Guinness World Record awards that he recently received and announced, “As a Guinness World Record holder, I want to have a show in Las Vegas.
Regarding his two awards as “most No.1 singles produced by an individual”, he unveiled, “Of course, as [a label with] ‘no.1 in the world’, I am happy.

Johnny Kitagawa is known to be highly mysterious by many in the industry as he continued to refuse his photo being released, “as a person working behind-the-scenes”. However, he has approved for his photo to be published exclusively for the Guinness World Record and sent in a photo of himself that was taken by his agency. Not only that, he also approved the publishing of this exclusive photo to various newspaper companies after Guinness releases their book.
As for his actions, he explained, “To start up an entertainment business overseas, I believe it will be best to start from Guinness.” Although he has numerous shows such as “Endless SHOCK”, “SUMMARY”, and “Shounentachi” nationwide, he revealed, “I want to have a show that fuses all the positive aspects of every single show in Las Vegas.

Credit: tokyohive.com

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