1 Her voice on the phone is cute
Because her voice will sound different from usual on the phone, I’ll get excited (laughs). I won’t be able to see her face, so I’ll imagine different things~

Likes animals
This is a definite must. I’d be shocked if she said, “I hate dogs”. Plus, I wanna have dates at pet stores! [errr... I dislike dog]

Her gaze is the same as mine

I want to look my girlfriend in the eye while talking to her. If she’s tall our eyes won’t meet, so I’ll be happy if she isn’t above 168cm or so.  [iyaaaaiii I'm 156cm]

Has a short hairstyle
I like short, brownish, and airy/fluffy hairstyles. Without thinking, they making me want to touch them and protect the girl. [uhh I'm a short hairsytle but black]

Likes going out

I want to go shopping for clothes together, and watch movies too. The leading part in romance is cool, so it’s complicated (laughs). [I will !!]

Natural personality
Because I want to be dependable, her personality should be natural. In reality, I might have trouble responding, but even times like those can be fun. [oohh like Your Seed lyric: believe yourself you can get it on]

Her eyes get smaller when she laughs/smiles
Smiles should be genuine. A girl with big eyes that suddenly become thin/small is good

8 Can differentiate between words (usage)
A girl who just uses casual language when talking to superiors isn’t good. It’s best if she can use language appropriate to the person she’s are talking to.

High capacity
Someone who can feel others’ happiness is good. That’s why someone with the capability of sharing the feeling of joy with me is important. [It's me Ryosuke :)]

10 Can handle reptiles
This one is pretty big (laughs). There don’t seem to be any bad or weak girls who are fond of reptiles. I can’t handle them though (laughs). [I dislike reptile but I can handle]

If you got 0: don’t be too hard on urself  (don’t go changing urself cos of dis)
If you got 1-8: uhh congrats?
If you got 10: CONGRATULATIONS~! are you chinen? XDD

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